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ICIA brings together two unique people, a wealth of experience and multiple disciplines. We believe that our clients need to have direct contact with us, from the delivery of the brief to the completion of the project. We seek to work with clients who believe in close collaboration between themselves and the practice to garner the best results.


Armed with a Bachelor with Honours in Interior Architecture from the University of New South Wales, Cheryl Chen is a consummate Interior Architect who has mastered all facets of the Interior Architecture process. She has a sharp eye for detail and a curiosity that brings clients the latest influences through her travels around the world. Prior to ICIA, Cheryl worked in renowned companies such as RSP, FBEYE International and Space Matrix. Apart from being an Interior Architect, Cheryl is also an artist and her work can be found at :


Pieter Idenburg spent most of his career on the other side of the equation, as a client, giving direction to Architects and Interior Architects for projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. From a Senior Manager at British Airways where he oversaw all air-side properties in 37 airports, to CEO of Suntec Singapore where he formulated what is now one of the most iconic and well-used spaces in the CBD of Singapore. In his most recent position as Group CEO of the ADNEC Group, he oversaw the master-planning process for the expansion of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Pieter is as passionate about design as he is about the use of it and translates fluently between corporate and sustainable goals, and the architectural package they should be delivered in.


Together, Pieter and Cheryl bring their passion for life and design into every project. Their holistic and collaborative approach puts the end user central, while working within the constraints of the client’s brief. It’s about how people feel in their space and how all parties benefit from it. Our clients deal exclusively with us and we finish each project with a sense of shared pride between the client and ourselves.

ICIA PTE LTD 2024 | SINGAPORE | UEN 201432852G

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