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"We first came to know about ICIA after chancing across their home tour videos on YouTube. Looking through their online portfolio, we could get a clear sense that a lot of thought had went into the design of each of their projects and were impressed by the fit and finish of their past works that we decided to reach out to them. As with all renovation projects, they enquired about our budget but being first time homeowners, we did not realise that our initial budget was unrealistic for the scale of works that we were intending to do. Despite not being official clients at that point in time, Cheryl took the time to explain to us at length the various costings for each component of the renovation and also provided advice on what would be a more realistic figure. This was something we really appreciated as it helped us to manage our expectations and also understand more about the renovation process. What also cemented our decision to go with ICIA was that we would be working directly with Cheryl throughout the entire renovation process from start to finish.

During the design process, we really liked that Cheryl and Pieter really took the time to listen to us to find out more about our requirements, design preferences and lifestyle habits. What impressed us greatly was the fact that Cheryl drafted up more than a dozen layouts for us to choose from, and walked us through her thought process and the design considerations for each of the layouts proposed. Once we had decided on our preferred layout, Cheryl promptly provided us with detailed technical drawings (which made it very clear to us how the carpentry will be like, where each powerpoint goes etc.) and quotes from the various contractors and suppliers (masonry, electrician, textile etc.) for our consideration. When it comes to making payment for the renovation cost, we were advised to make payment to the various contractors and suppliers directly - an approach that we really liked as it was transparent with no hidden costs involved. We knew exactly how much we were paying and to whom.

As first time homeowners, one of our biggest concerns was the renovation process. To add to that, our renovation took place during the height of Covid where labour and material shortages were commonplace. However, our concerns were unfounded as Cheryl and her team lead on the ground, Edwin, were very responsive in their communication and ensured that the all works proceeded smoothly with no major hiccups. Everything was arranged efficiently behind the scenes and we were pleasantly surprised by the progress made each time we headed down. The workmanship of the contractors engaged by Cheryl is top-notch and it is obvious that they take pride in their work. For any defects or errors (which are very minor and few), they are always rectified as soon as possible and done so without needing reminders from us.

It is also through the renovation works that really showcases Cheryl’s keen eye for detail. For example, Cheryl ensured that for our carpentry, there was no visible ‘black line’ that usually appears at the joining of two separate pieces of laminate. Another example would be how she meticulously planned the running of the aircon trunking in order to ensure that it can be boxed up and blended in seamlessly with the beams and false ceiling.

We were so pleased with the process, end product and experience for our place that we have engaged them again to do up our mum’s place! And once again, ICIA delivered. Her place was completely transformed from an outdated 1980s relic with popcorn walls to a bright and airy space that is both modern and functional, and she couldn’t be happier with the end result.

We can’t thank ICIA enough for making the entire experience such a hassle-free one. Cheryl, Pieter, Edwin, Ah Lack along with the rest of the team, have exceeded our expectations by every measure and we wholeheartedly recommend ICIA to any homeowner who is looking to build their dream home."


"What sets ICIA apart is Cheryl's impeccable sense of style. She has an innate ability to blend different design elements seamlessly, creating a space that is both elegant and functional. Every detail, from the carefully chosen color palettes to the thoughtfully integrating my existing furniture pieces, reflects her extraordinary taste and attention to detail. My home now feels like a work of art, but also completely my personality. There is nothing cookie cutter here at all.

From the beginning, even though not based in Singapore, Cheryl and Pieter were responsive and attentive, asking me how I live and how I want to use the space, what are the elements which are important to me. This resulted in several different floorplans presented to me, which we tweaked together to maximise every inch of my apartment, creating clever storage solutions and optimising the flow and airiness of the space.

Throughout the entire process, Cheryl was prompt and responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I was always informed and involved in every decision. Sometimes I didn't know what decision to make, and she advised me on where to spend/rein in and how to get the most the use of the space. She managed the project efficiently, coordinating with contractors and vendors, which made the entire process as stress-free as possible for me.

In fact, I only met some of the vendors towards the end of the project and they are an amazing, professional and dedicated team. They all knew each other, and were joking and jovial whilst getting everything completed EXACTLY on schedule, and leaving me with a really clean, spick and span apartment with QUALITY finishing, ready to move into.

I can only say that my home not only looks stunning (everyone who has visited says so, it's not just me) but it serves my day to day requirements effortlessly.

Thank you so much to ICIA who took my vision, lifestyle and preferences and translated them into a home even better than I could imagine."


black and white tiles, salmon pink wall tiles, mustard vanity

"Found ICIA online and engaged them after looking through their portfolio online and speaking with Cheryl and Pieter. Both of Cheryl and Pieter were very responsive and patient as we talked through our space planning and designs. They actually gave us more than 10 space plans to mix and match ! The suggestions were bold and refreshing given the older house I was renovating. Their Team (Edwin, Ah Kiong, Donald, and many more) was also very professional and responsive when I needed help. They took care of everything big and small and provided good advice on maintenance! The workmanship was good and neat. Despite the long approval period for the reno, the team remained patient and followed up closely. The team was very transparent and clear with the costing which made it easier for us when managing it. We are totally very satisfied with the space plans , designs and execution! Thank you Cheryl, Pieter, Edwin and Team!"


"With their incredible talent and vision, they transformed our house into a stunning reflection of our lifestyle and preferences. ICIA seamlessly blended our personal style with the existing architectural elements, creating a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and the unique character of our home.

Throughout the project, ICIA's attention to detail was exceptional. They curated every aspect of the design, from furniture selection to color schemes and artwork placement. Each room became a captivating and inviting space, perfectly tailored to our tastes. The result of ICIA's work has been remarkable, with our home being featured in publications, showcasing the brilliance of their talent and the transformation they achieved.

Working with ICIA was an absolute pleasure. They displayed professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness throughout the entire process. They valued our input and ensured that we were actively involved in the design journey. We are incredibly grateful for the outstanding work ICIA has done, turning our house into a true reflection of who we are."


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"Cheryl and Pieter are an amazing duo when they put our fourth property together. I chanced upon their work when their home was initially featured in a local magazine. When I saw what they did to their place, I know that I need to get their services for the next property. Cheryl is extremely reliant and reassuring through the entire journey of putting the home together. She is extremely prompt in replying to any doubts or queries I had throughout the entire journey. The team whom she works closely in Singapore is amazing too. They are dependable, highly respected team of hardworking men, whom I entrusted to put together the property together with Cheryl and Pieter. I also experienced their after sales service recently too. One of the pendant lamps dropped after about 2 years of usage. I informed Cheryl at about 10pm and she ensured the lamp was rectified before 12pm the following day! And at no charge at all!! That’s Cheryl and her team - a highly proficient team of professionals whom anyone can entrust their home to. They are so good that I have recommended them to my friend who has just got her new property. My friend and Cheryl (and team!) are currently working on the home! Looking forward to the wonderful work that they do to my friend’s home!!"


"I found ICIA even before I found my new apartment! I chanced upon two videos of their work and I knew ICIA would provide everything I needed. I wasn’t disappointed. What I appreciated was that Cheryl took the time to visit my old home and understood my tastes and requirements. She listened. Her plans and ideas were designed to fit my needs. She worked closely with me and took care of everything from start to finish. I was so stress free, I could even travel during the renovation period! I was very happy with the end result. Thank you, ICIA!"



"When I first contacted ICIA, they had already relocated overseas. Thus, all the design work with ICIA was via Zoom. However, I had no hesitations to continue engaging their professional services as I had been watching their YouTube videos often, and strongly believed and trust that they are professionals, who take great pride in their work -- more than just generating revenue.

Over Zoom, Cheryl and Pieter explained to me how they complement as a team and work with local contractors, I was happy with that. I was very impressed that they had a well-planned schedule of how the phases of work will unfold, and how they coordinate and follow-up with their local contractors in Singapore. The timeline was well planned and clearly explained to me and adhered to.

They took concerted efforts to understand how I spend my time at home, as they wanted to design and tailor the changes according to how I live inside my personal space. I emphasized that I wanted a simple spacious interior that allows more natural light to shine in. They eventually provided me 13 designs! On my selected design, they were flexible and made some changes according to my specific requests.

On selection of laminates, and tiles, samples were sent to me and, both Cheryl and Pieter walked through with me via Zoom -- where they would be placed. I remembered how they explicitly explained to me that engineered wooden flooring is warmer than cold tiles. That timely suggestion made a lot of sense to me as I wanted a cozy feel to my home and I gladly agreed to go for engineered wood flooring. Another great suggestion and almost insistence by both Cheryl and Pieter was the installation of exhaust fans in toilets and kitchen. Absolutely no regrets having them!

Once work started, communication was via WhatsApp and they were responsive, fast and focus. My direct contact was with ICIA only, while ICIA communicated with their contractors -- that really helped to streamline things and minimized miscommunication, confusion and complications. The unit was returned to me within 3 months, as planned. At a time when the whole world was almost at a standstill with Covid, I was happy and most relieved they completed the renovation, as planned.

Even after almost 9 months living in my new home, when I raised some minor "imperfections" to them, the contractor shows up the next day to “correct it”!

All said, to my mind, ICIA has a good team of contractors supporting them in Singapore. Not an easy feat to co-ordinate from Europe, but if they don’t seek publicity, I think no one will likely know.

I like to conclude that they showed great teamwork, and it was certainly a pleasure to work with Cheryl and Pieter, their local project manager and the whole group of contractors. My best regards to them all!!"


"We engaged ICIA to renovate our home in 2022. We had a very short timeline but they managed to pull it off by being super organised and planning all the works one after another without delays or wasted time.

Even post Covid when everyone else was experiencing delays they kept to the tight schedule.

We found the space planning really helpful as they came up with no less than 6 suggestions on how to utilise the space effectively. The designs were all very well thought out and they understood our requirements and needs.

They are amazingly detailed and we appreciate the level of detail for example the exact location of every light point was plotted out, how many lights to be controlled by each switch etc.

All the different subcontractors did a great job and were very helpful and pleasant to work with.

The whole process was a good experience and we are very happy how our home turned out."



"ICIA is the absolute best.

We were lucky to have them design our home according to our needs and requirements. The whole process in what can be daunting was made so easy with ICIA not just designing the home but even managing every aspect of the built and project management. One thing that really stands out is they do not just design beautifully BUT design practically. This means a lot of thought has been put into what would or would not work. Small minor things like where exactly the power points are to be installed, how the door opens, makes a major difference to everyday living!

We have a beautiful home and every one that comes through our door for the first time always exclaims how beautiful our home is and we cannot agree more!

Thank you Cheryl and Pieter! We love our home that you helped build."


"Cheryl and Pieter were most amazing to work with. Despite communicating only over Zoom and WhatsApp (Covid) throughout the entire process from start to finish, it was a renovation experience that was completely hassle-free and our home turned out to be exactly what we wanted.

Cheryl and Pieter asked all the right questions to find out about our lifestyles and what we envisioned in our new home and were able to take into consideration all the fine details to design a space that really works for us. They are meticulous in all design details and gave us numerous options and variations to pick from. We were also able to make our own suggestions and they would patiently advise on what might work/not work.

They have an amazing team who helps to put everything together and to make it all a reality. Any changes/rectifications (minor) were addressed promptly and without any issues.

We are thankful for the work that Cheryl and Pieter put into our home and we’re still enjoying every corner of it! We would definitely recommend ICIA to anyone looking for an Interior Architecture company to work with!"



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